Leadership Immersions is founded and led by pioneering practitioner, published author, TED-talker, key-note speaker and senior adviser

Giles Hutchins

The man behind the mission

Giles Hutchins has worked at the nexus of leadership development, developmental psychology, learning from living-systems, sustainable and responsible business, and business transformation for many years.  Formerly a Practice Lead with KPMG Consulting, as well as Global Head of Sustainability Solutions for Atos Origin (multinational with over 120,000 employees in over 70 countries). Giles has authored four books, is Adjunct to Ashridge Executive Education, he is a regular keynote speaker, executive coach and living-systems pioneer, and adviser to global leadership institutions. Giles is dedicated to helping leaders transform to enable life-affirming futures.

Giles has taken hundreds of leaders through transformative Leadership Immersion nature experiences, and has coached Chairmen, CEOs, and executives using his unique methods.  Giles is deeply passionate about the power of nature to help leaders shift their consciousness from yesterday’s mechanistic logic to tomorrow’s regenerative logic of life.

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What is a Leadership Immersion?

Leadership Immersions provide rich, powerful and long-lasting experiences for leaders to go deep with personal and collective inquiries in well-held psychologically-safe yet deep spaces. This leads them to consider vital questions around their own and their organisations purpose and legacy and how to take their own leadership to the next-stage. Often, adults feedback how they gain far clearer perspectives on their personal and organizational challenges when out in nature.

All camping and sleeping equipment, food and safety equipment, is provided for participants. Participants simply bring outdoor clothing and journal book.

Key Learning Objectives realised through Leadership Immersions:

 Renewing personal and organisational passion, ambition and purpose

 Revitalising personal and organisational creativity, innovation, adaptability and agility

 Empowering individuals and teams for the ‘new-norm’ of next-stage future-fit leadership

 Enhancing mindful, authentic, inclusive and conscious leadership capacities

 Learning and embodying tools for self-mastery and systemic awareness

To learn more about next-stage future-fit leadership please visit The Future Fit Leadership Academy www.ffla.co

What do Leadership Immersions consist of?

A blend of solo, pair and group work, mindfulness and presencing techniques, somatic tools and gentle body-work, deep listening exercises, learnings from living-systems applied to organisations, and rich dialogue round the fire.

Leadership Immersion facilitator Giles Hutchins applies several leadership modalities, which he has honed and adapted for nature immersions. These methods include:

  • Complexity Theory and Complex Adaptive Systems – Ralph Stacey and others work on the complex non-linear nature of organisations

  • Regenerative Leadership – Giles Hutchins work on ‘organization-as-living-system’ and ‘ecosystemic awareness’, supplemented by other pioneers like Carol Sanford, Pamela Mang, Bill Reed, Laura Storm and Michelle Holliday.

  • Theory U, Teal/Evolutionary, Future-Fit and Agile – Giles Hutchins work on next-stage Future Fit leadership and organisational development, supplemented by other pioneers like Otto Scharmer, Frederic Laloux, Clare Graves, John Kotter, Robert Kegan, Peter Hawkins and Peter Senge.

What people say

Giles Hutchins is one of the most broad-reaching pioneers in business today
— Tima Bansal, Chair in Business Sustainability, Ivey Business School

Giles Hutchins is at the forefront of synthesising new logics for business with the natural rhythms of life and the human mind that will revolutionise business. I cannot recommend his powerful work highly enough
— – Dr Lynne Sedgemore CBE, former CEO of 157 Group, Centre of Excellence in Leadership UK
Giles Hutchins offers lifesaving radical surgery for humanity and the business world
— Dr Malcolm Parlett, Gestalt Psychologist and Author

Some examples of who we’ve worked with…

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