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Bring yourself and your teams to our home at Springwood Farm in West Sussex. Here you will be welcomed into 58 acres of beautiful natural scenery and ancient woodland. Springwood Farm is your transformative space.

Learning from and with nature, our passion is helping you to unlock new perspectives, creativity, agility and purpose as a leader and organisation.



We live in challenging times.

Through years of experience, detailed research, and time spent working with entrepreneurs, public and corporate leaders, we believe that we have designed a profound practice to unlock brilliance, innovation, agility and future-fitness at personal and organisational levels.

We have developed methods to help leaders reach beyond the complexity gap – global leadership research points to an increasing incapacity amongst senior leaders to deal with the rise of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) in our changing world.

We have developed powerful tools to equip leaders for a ‘new norm’ of next-stage future-fit leadership – business school research shows critical tipping points in our current modus operandi and the urgent need for next-stage leadership and organisational development if we are to not just survive but thrive in the volatile times ahead.

And this ‘new norm’ is not just for leaders, but for all adults coping in a world of increasing stress, unparalleled levels of emotional disconnection, and rising mental health issues.

The research is clear: mental health issues are by far the largest contributor to chronic conditions increasingly afflicting the global population. Conditions like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress are experienced by one in six British workers each year. In the past five years, employers have cited stress as the number one reason given by employees who take time off work. Work-related mental ill-health is costing U.K. businesses up to £26 billion every year.

Time in nature can provide transformative benefits


Leadership Immersions have proven uniquely powerful in at least two ways…



Well-facilitated immersions help us identify root problems and systemic solutions, to reach beyond the mechanistic reductive ‘level of consciousness that created our problems in the first place’. We draw on insights from living-systems and apply these to our challenges in profound ways.



Being-in-nature is scientifically proven to enhance creativity, empathy, deep listening, improved memory and the ability to see different perspectives. When coupled with somatic body-work, mindfulness, vision-quests and round-the-fire dialogue circle-work, these immersions enable us to find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in our work-lives and also personal lives. It helps develop physiological and psychological coherence and connectedness, and aids us through challenging times of change.

Springwood Farm

In our new home of Springwood Farm in West Sussex, you will be welcomed into 58 acres of beautiful natural scenery.

With great transport links to London, and Heathrow and Gatwick Airports - we are perfectly placed for you and your team to have a truly memorable experience.

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